industrial oxygen plant india
industrial oxygen plant india
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Carbon Dioxide Plants

We manufacture CO2 gas as per the latest technology & design of the Company ING. L. & A., BOSCHI, IALTY. This technology has been proven all over the world for its working efficiency & trouble free operation

with time, we started using the latest techniques. There are constant research works going on in our R&D Department and constant innovation from our experienced professionals which have helped us to not only manufacture CO2 but also designing CO2 recovery and production plants. Our company has mastered the art of liquification, solidification, storage, transport, delivery and injection- infusion systems. We have studied foreign technologies but produce our products suitable to our end users, especially our Asian customers.


Most Abundant Gas

Carbon Dioxide Plant is a system to generate Carbon Dioxide. CO2 is in a gaseous form at standard temperature and pressure. It is slightly poisonous, colorless and odorless gas, utilized for various industrial functions. CO2 being the most abundant gas in the aura plays a vital part in human's life process, like respiration, digestion and photosynthesis. The consumption and production rate of carbon dioxide is heavy at plastics, fertilizers, rubber and various other industries. Gas plant suppliers usually supply complete purification of CO2 on a turnkey basis.

The Process

The biological procedures and burning along with fermentation, digestion and decomposition reaction of organic material results to the establishment of carbon dioxide plants. It unites with water in atmosphere to form carbonic acid which rusts marble, limestone and metals. The denseness of carbon dioxide in atmosphere is not eminent enough to make it commercially recoverable as a product. Commercial production rests upon splitting up and sanctifying CO2-rich gases which are produced by combustion or biological processes. If these gases would not be recovered, they would vanish in the atmosphere. This is the reason why the commercial CO2 is largely found as by-product of other processes.

Biomass as a boon for CO2 extraction
Today we have set up various gas plants that successfully operate on biomass. While working on this technology, we are invariably figuring out design inventions of its plant grounded on fertilizer gases, industrial plant and distilleries to draw out even more wealth from waste material. The biomass gas plants can be designed in various capacities ranging from 30kg per hour to 2000kg per hour based upon the usable stimulus and client prerequisite.

Purest source of CO2
The Biomass gas plants are configured to utilize industrial by-products as their crude materials, which functions as a blessing for distilleries and breweries where soured gases are acquired in mass and differently would go waste. We retrieve odor-free CO2 with the use of these plants. The bio-gas plants themselves are 100 % pollution free causing no ecological instabilities, rather they absorb CO2 which otherwise would have been unified with the environment. These gas plants are cost-effective in running apart from investment needed to establish the plant.

Other sources of CO2
As already mentioned, SS GasLabs Asia's CO2 plants produce CO2 from Biomass, which is actually wastes recovered from many sources. Majority of gas plants bring out CO2 from the following sources:
• Large fuel burning facilities
• Hydrogen plants
• Steam methane and naptha reformers
• Ammonia plants
• High pressure wells
• Breweries
• Commercial alcohol plants

Types of our CO2 Gas Plants

Generating plants
Generating plants are grounded on various fossil fuels combustion including kerosene, diesel oil or natural gas. The CO2 gas plants conform to the most rigid CO2 quality standards, done by appropriate fuel combustion, stripping, scrubbing and breakup technology. CO2 gas plant is supplied with an exceptional instrument panel that ensures uninterrupted and problem-free functionality. All equipments installed on the slides are cabled to junction boxes anterior to loading cutting down commissioning and installation time on site.

Recovery Plant
The CO2 Recovery plants operate as screening base to the inventions that we have formulated in the recent period. We make sure of the functioning level of the procedure before availing them commercially to the clients. We, ourselves, are running CO2 plant also and hence we can understand the virtual problem that may come in running the plant. So we can easily address them right away as soon as any such issues comes up with our customer.

CO2 extraction plants are founded on the presence of CO2 in the gas sources from chemical processes, combustion engines, boilers and turbines and natural sources. A CO2 extraction plant proves an efficacious substitute for a conventional CO2 production plant, where an subsisting raw gas source with a comparatively low CO2 content is available.

Applications of CO2

Gas Plants produce Carbon dioxide in mainly two forms - Liquid and Solid. Solid CO2 is also known as "dry ice" and is used as refrigerants in food industry and for small shipments. CO2 is widely utilized during the storage and shipping of ice cream and other frozen foods. Some of the CO2 applications are are listed below :-

Fire Extinguishers: CO2 extinguishes fires.

Beverage: This gas is used to make carbonated soft drinks and soda water.

Solvent: Liquid CO2 is considered as a good dissolving agent for many organic compounds. Here it can be used to remove caffeine from coffee.

Plants: Plants require CO2 to execute photosynthesis, and greenhouses can promote plant growth with additional CO2.

Pressured Gas: It is used as the cheapest noncombustible pressurized gas. Pressured CO2 are inside tins in life jackets. Compressed CO2 gas is used in paintball markers, airguns, for ballooning bicycle tires.

Medicine: In medicine, up to 5% CO2 is added to pure oxygen. This helps in provoking breathing and to stabilize the O2/CO2 balance in blood.

CO2 Laser: The CO2 laser, a common type of industrial gas laser uses CO2 as a medium. Welding: It also find its use as an atmosphere for welding.

Oil Wells: Carbon dioxide is commonly injected into or next to producing oil wells.

Chemical Industry: It is used as a raw material in the chemical process industry, especially for urea and methanol production.

Metals Industry: It is used in the manufacture of casting influences so as to enhance their hardness.

Why our CO2 Gas Plants?

• Our CO2 Gas plant is based upon the technology to generate wealth from biomass.
• Our gas plant is completely pollution free.
• It is cost effective and low priced.
• Our gas plant delivers the most purest CO2.
• It is easy in operation and demands negligible maintenance.
• We have a good refrigeration and water cooling facility.
• We also supply accessories related to CO2 plants like CO2 filling equipment, storage tank, manifold, cooling towers etc.

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