industrial oxygen plant india
industrial oxygen plant india
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Cylinder Filling Oxygen Nitrogen Plants

Universal Boschi is a certified ISO 9001:2000 organization and the latest achievement includes the successful approval for CE certification which makes our company the first in Asia to be certified for Cryogenic Pressure vessel exports to Europe and USA. Among our vast range of Products, the details for the small & medium & “Tonnage series” of plants are given below. Turbo plants due to unique features incorporating low pressure machinery has no capacity limitations or restrictions like Medium & High pressure plants

  • Capacities: Plants are available from 50m3/hr upto 50,000m3/hr Oxygen or nitrogen gas.
  • Cylinder filling: oxygen-nitrogen gas can be filled in the cylinders as per the cylinder filling chart given below
  • Purity: Oxygen gas of 99.7% purity can be produced and *pure nitrogen of 99.9% upto 3ppm is produced.
    without any los of the oxygen production. **voltage and freqwuency as per the country of installation.

  • Main Performance of the plant:

    A. Oxygen purity 99.7% at 150-160 Bar(2200PSIG) for Oxygen cylinder filling
    B. High purity Nitrogen 99.99%(ppm optional) or cylinder filling.
    NOTE: There is no loss of oxygen Production when producing high purity nitrogen.

    Air separation is CRYOGENIC TYPE with low-pressure cycle of 7 Kg/cm2 with air separation by liquification. This cycle utilize an Expansion TURBINE to give the cold calories at (-)1 80° C. The cold box is supplied as a complete package unit with control panel and insulation.

    Process Description:

    Process Description
    This air separation plant mainly includes:
    • air filter system
    • air compressor system
    • air pre cooling system
    • Molecular sieve purifying system
    • rectifying column system, nitrogen & oxygen compress and storage system, instrument control system, electric control system. Etc.

    Air filter and compression
    Air enters the self cleaning air suction filter, after being removed of dust and other mechanical contaminants in it, then enters main air compressor, after compression air then enters the after cooler.

    Air cooling and purifying
    Air is cooled in the Pre-Cooling System before enters mole sieve adsorber, Air which enters the evaporator of the Pre-Cooling System is cooled by the refrigerant.

    Mole sieve purifying system includes two mole sieve adsorber and Steam heater or Electric heater. The mole sieve adsorber adsorbs water, CO2 and some hydrocarbon in the air, one mole sieve adsorber is regeneration while another one is work.

    Air rectification
    Air from adsorber is divided two stream: one stream enter directly main heat exchange, then enter lower column after cooled, the second stream enter main heat exchanger to cool after compressed by booster end of the expander and cooled by after cooler, then enter upper column after expanded by the expander.

    The content of nitrogen will increase through rising gas connect with the reflux. Needed reflux liquid nitrogen is from condensate evaporator in the top of lower column, oxygen will be evaporated and nitrogen will be condensed in here.
    • Lower column production as following from the top down:
    • Pure liquid nitrogen
    • Poor oxygen liquid air with 20%O2
    • Rich oxygen liquid air with 36.5%O2

    All production in the lower column after sub cooler enter upper column as its reflux.Production of upper column as following from the top down:
    • Waster nitrogen at the top.
    • Liquid oxygen at the bottom

    Direction which all production of upper column go Waster nitrogen is reheated to design temperature out of the cold box by main heat exchanger and sub cooler after drawn from the top of upper column, one steam is regenerated by molecular sieve absorber, the other is taken in water cool column to cool water.
    • It is compressed to 150 BAR for filling oxygen cylinders by a oxygen booster in the cylinder filling manifold

    Scope Of Supply:


    Air Compressors of Atlas Copco

    The oxygen plant UBT SERIES consist of the following equipments

    The air compressor compresses the atmospheric air through a highly efficient suction filter to a pressure of 30- 40 bar which provides the main raw material for the production of oxygen and nitrogen

    Air purification unit

    Complete View of Oxygen Plant Installation

    Air Refrigerant compressor including special motor
    - One condenser
    - One evaporator / water cooler
    - One set of Piping and valves
    - Instrumentation
    - Water Separato

    Molecular Sieve Battery on skid : Complete with 2 nos. vessels, Reactivation heater complete with Molecular Sieve designed for process skid mounting.

    Defrost Heater : Consist of heating coils and heating element 5 kW.

    Gas/Air Lines as per standard Layout : All pipelines for process air, Nitrogen and Oxygen line, HP line upto manifold along with short bend, elbow, socket and other necessary fitting as per our standard layout drawing.

    Air Sepration Column (Cold Box)

    (Leak proof Cryogenic grade Stainless Column)
    Boschi Italy design patent, CE quality and design specifications.

    Cryogenic type completed with support and connected pipes and internal

    Turbo expander

    The turbo expander is a rotary machine running on gas bearing. This is used to provide cooling for the liquefication of air at minus 180 to (-)190degrees centigrade. including:

    • Expansion turbine body
    • Ventricular joint
    • Inlet filter
    • Silencer
    • Bearing & sealed gas system
      - Instrument gas filter
      - ET bearing and sealed gas system

    Oxygen Cylinder Filling System

    The oxygen is filled into cylinders by an oxygen filling SYSTEM ( PUMP/BOOSTER) .

    Cylinder Filling Maniflod

    Cylinder Filling Station for Filling Cylinders

    Complete with control valves pressure gauge safety valve & pigtail connections points each.

    Distribution Electric Control Panel

    Control Panel

    Electrical Panel for supply of electricity to individual motors. With overall suitable size it has a bank of on/off switches MCB/MCCB of high quality Siemens/L&T Make and neatly labeled with separate connections for each individual equipments of the oxygen plant. This enables the Operator to control all the Motors from one point.

    Technical Specification

    Technical Specifications
    PRODUCTION UBT-50 UBT-100 UBT-200 UBT -250 UBT -300 UBT-400 UBT-500 UBT-600 UBT-800 UBT-1000
    OXYGEN (NM3/HR) CYLINDERS PER DAY 50 100 200 250 300 400 500 600 800 1000
    200 400 800 1000 1200 1600 2000 2400 3200 4000
    NITROGEN NM3/HR 50 100 200 250 300 400 500 600 800 1000
    OXYGEN PURITY-% 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7
    NITROGEN (%) 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9

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