Acetylene Plants

All the fabricated vessels in the acetylene gas cylinder filling plants are welded as per the standard CE norms. Above all, the weld joints are subject to dp test at every layer, 100% radiography and then finally subjected to hydraulic test. Our acetylene gas cylinder filling plant is fully automatic and performs as per the expectations of our international customers as we incorporate pneumatically controlled valves along with latest sensors and temperature controller imported from developed countries such as USA, Germany and Japan.

Salient Features

  • Acetylene (Explosion proof).
  • Capacity ranging from 15cum/hour to 200cum/hr of latest technology.
  • Universal Boschi Brand Acetylene gas plants are of robust design for trouble free working.
  • No bulky gas holder required.
  • Automatic controls for feeding water.
  • Maintaining temperatures, pressures, and slurry drain are full proof, efficient and are of international standard.
  • Excellent absorption of gas in cylinders.
  • No gas loss and high yield.
  • Very simple and safe to operate.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Twin Hoppes Generator.
  • Automatic Screw Feed.
  • High Safety.
Acetylene Gas Plants Manufacturer India
Acetylene Gas Plant Specification

Main Components

Acetylene Generator

Designed & developed to generate acetylene at a pressure of 7 psi, our acetylene generators generate the gas as a result of the chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water. The output is constantly required for welding works, repair and construction shops.

Acetylene Gas Plants Manufacturer India

Acetylene Gas Plants Manufacturer


Our advanced and high quality condenser cools and purifies the gas resulting in condensing the excessive moisture. Thereafter, the cold water is circulated on the shell side from bottom to top. We fabricate the condenser to suit all local conditions, but sufficient water flow should be maintained.

Low Pressure Dryer

The low pressure dryer is a pressure vessel charged with solid anhydrous carbide which absorbs the moisture in the gas. It turns to fluid and is collected at the bottom and drained.

Salient Features

  • High quality and reliable acetylene compressor
  • High pressure & low pressure safety cut off
  • External lubricator
  • Wika German makes pressure gauges
  • CE quality & ISO standard safety valves
  • Interstage moisture separators for moisture drain by centralized drain valve station
  • Long life antistatic v belts
Acetylene Gas Plants

Acetylene Gas Plant

The LP Purifier

Divided into two sections by wire mesh framework, the each section of the vessel is charged of purifying mass. Each sector is charged with purifying mass which absorbs impurities such as H2S phosgene.

Ammonia Scrubber

This equipment, acquired from the Boschi technology, has a vertical vessel filled with a level gauge and water make-up line. A particular as marked on the level indicator has to be maintained. The ammonia scrubber removes all the water soluble impurities like ammonia.

Acetylene Gas Plant Manufacturer

Air Separation Unit

Acetylene Compressor

Our acetylene compressor, a multi-stage compressor, is immersed in a water tank to avoid connection of pressurized gas with air and also ensure that all the components are consistently cooled for highest safety. The compressor is well equipped by a flame proof electric motor.

Filling Manifold

The acetylene gas manifold comprises of two headers fitted with non-return valves, one flash back arrestors, pressure gauge and manual isolation valves.

Acetylene Gas Plants