Liquid Oxygen Plants

We are designing, manufacturing and exporting liquid oxygen plants in collaboration with ING. L. & A. BOSCHI (Italy). They come in all sizes ranging from 20 m3/hour to 10,000 m3/hour. The machines ensure you get highly pure liquid perfect for different medical and industrial applications. Our technology is advanced so we guarantee of exceptional performance without malfunctioning. Apart from ISO 9001:2000 certification, our quality conscious nature also helps us to get awarded with CE approval. CE approval is necessary for supplying products and services to Europe and USA.

The systems come in with a number of unique features such as fully automatic functioning, low electricity consumption, minimum sound, and the list goes on. We send our engineers to erection, commission, install and run a machine and provide training to the potential operators. But, before shipping a device, each part is carefully checked by a quality controller team.

Liquid Oxygen Plants
Liquid Oxygen Plant

The latest technological features incorporated into the Oxygen & Nitrogen plants are listed below.

  • All plants use “Oil free” rotary screw /centrifugal oil compressor
  • working between 0.6 to 1.0 mpa.
  • All plants incorporate Aluminum Brazed exchangers and packed
  • columns for high efficiency.
  • Turbo expanders (Oil or Air Bearing) for trouble free operation.
  • All plants above “500” are supplied with automatic PLC control.
  • Engineering support along with complete quality control is provided by our company.
  • We provide qualified engineers for Supervision, Installation and start
  • up of all our plants as well as training of manpower at customers’ site.
  • Very low power consumption with proven performance and virtually Zero maintenance required for the machines.
  • 100% reliability for oxygen gas quality for industrial & hospital use.
  • Liquid purity is high for medical and industrial application.
  • High purity Liquid Nitrogen PPPL quality low maintenance.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Low maintenance.

Process description of liquid oxygen plants

Compression of atmospheric air by air compressor

Air is compressed at a very pressure of 5-7 bar (kg/cm2). Air can be compressed at such low pressure by trouble free rotary compressor (Screw / Centrifugal Type advanced technology is employed in lieu of old bulky piston compressor)

Pre cooling system

The second stage of the process uses a low pressure refrigerant for precooling the processed air to temperature around 12 deg C before it enters the purifier.

Purification of air by purifier

The air enters a purifier consisting of twin Molecular Sieve driers, working alternatively. The Molecular Sieves remove the Carbon dioxide & moisture from the processed air before the air enters Air Separation Unit.

Cooling of air by turbo (expander)

The air has to be cooled to sub zero temperatures for liquifaction & the cryogenic refrigeration & the cooling is provided by highly efficient turbo expander, which cools the air to temperature almost below -165 to-170 deg C

Separation if liquid air into oxygen and nitrogen by air separation column

Oil free, moisture free and Carbon Dioxide free air enters into low pressure fin type HEAT EXCHANGER where the air is cooled below sub zero temperatures by air expansion process in the turbo expander.

Air gets liquefied when it enters the air separation column & gets separated into oxygen & nitrogen by the process of rectification.Oxygen is available at the outlet of the ASU at a purity of 99.6%.Nitrogen is also available t the outlet as a second product at purity of 99.9% upto 3ppm simultaneously without loss of oxygen product.

Compression of oxygen &filling of in cylinders

The final product in the form compressed Oxygen/Nitrogen goes to the high pressure oxygen cylinders at 150 bar or upto higher as required..

Top Liquid Oxygen Plants

Main Equipments

Air Compressor

We employ the most advanced compressor series available in the market. They have a unique combination, meeting customer requirements for low installation, operating and maintenance costs with high dependability and ease of use.

The Atlas Copco air compressors come up with a number of latest and advanced features, which compresses the atmospheric air before sending it to purification unit.

Here are some salient features:

  • Air cooled design
  • Low maintenance
  • Rotary screw design
  • Noise less than 75 DB
  • No civil foundation
liquid air compressor

Liquid Oxygen Plant

Pre – Cooling system

The pre-cooling system is a highly efficient skid mounted equipment provided with the main purpose of cooling down the air to a temperature of 5 to 8 degrees Celsius and thus to discharge the condensed water. We are using highly reliable compressors of European origin.

Purification Unit

The purifying system is the secondary process unit which is responsible for the removal of moisture, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons as well as rare gases that are considered to be impurities in the process cycle of air separation. The structure essentially consists of double layered molecular sieves from “Zeochem” (Switzerland) along with alumina which acts as an adsorbent.

Air Separation Unit

Air separation Unit

The Key to the entire Air separation Process lies within the Air Separation Unit (A.S.U). Here, the mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen is separated by virtue of the difference in their liquefication temperatures.

The design and efficiency of the A.S.U determines the quality of the final product i.e. Oxygen and Nitrogen in terms of quantity and quality. The Boschi design A.S.U features highly efficient fin type aluminium heat exchangers and column, wherein the entire upper column is a packed column thus reducing the operational pressure and increasing the Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon recovery.

Argon is recovered by a revolutionary technique employing full rectification without using the Hydrogen and De-Oxo unit thus saving further on power costs, operational costs and investment. This makes the Boschi design machines highly versatile and economical thanks to all the research and development done over the years.


The Turbo expander is a gas or oil bearing expansion refrigeration turbine that is much more efficient than any other expansion device.

It works on the technique of induced cooling via expansion due to which the operational pressure of the plant is further reduced and the performance of the distillation column is stabilized for constant production and high purity.

Cylinder filling by Liquid Oxygen Pump
Technical Specification
Production UBTL-50 UBTL-100 UBTL-200 UBTL-300 UBTL-400 UBTL-500 UBTL-1000
Liquid Oxygen output(liters per hour) 60 120 235 350 470 590 1172
Purity Oxygen (%) 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7
Liquid nitrogen output(liters per hour) 73 144 290 435 578 700 1440
Purity nitrogen (%) 99% to 99.999%or ppm 99% to 99.999%or ppm 99% to 99.999%or ppm 99% to 99.999%or ppm 99% to 99.999%or ppm 99% to 99.999%or ppm 99% to 99.999%or ppm