Oxygen Plants inKenya

Kenya is a well-known African country with its capital located in Nairobi. It is quintessential African country with fabulous tourist. Millions of tourists visit the country every year for African Safari. Apart from tourists, the country is also a leading manufacturing hub in Africa with leadership in various industrial sectors. We provide the industry with air separation plants for onsite production of high purity oxygen and nitrogen. We are renowned for manufacturing top-notch quality oxygen and nitrogen gas plants. We use the latest cryogenic low pressure air separation technology in our fabrication. It is the only technology that can produce oxygen with purity up to 99.7% which is excellent for industrial and medical - Hospital applications.

Oxygen Gas Plants in Kenya

Oxygen Gas Plants

25 m3/hr. to 1000 m3/hr.

Oxygen Plant Manufacturer in Kenya

Liquid Oxygen Plants

50 m3/hr. to 1000 m3/hr.

Liquid Nitrogen Plants in Kenya

Liquid Nitrogen Plants

50 m3/hr. to 1000 m3/hr.

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We Are Expert In Oxygen Plants Installation

Our engineers have world-class expertise in commissioning and installation of oxygen gas plants. The entire installation process is trouble-free and is completed within a day with demonstration of startup.

  • Our experience

    We have over 35 year of experience in manufacturing and installation.

  • Certified company

    We are ISO 9001:2008 and certified company guaranteeing world-class performance.

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We provide CE certified oxygen plants in Kenya

We manufacture and supply oxygen plants in Kenya. Our business associates are bases in different Kenyan cities including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Malindi for getting in touch with the customers. The associates also offer spare parts whenever needed.

Oxygen Purity 99.7%
Nitrogen Purity 99.99%
Cryogenic Stainless Steel Column 100%

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